Jordan Herregraven, The Untold Histories as Perceived Through the Horse’s Tear; Hok Gallery, The Hague

The rational mind is used to distinguishing dead objects from living objects in the world around us.

In spite of the world being a sphere, the rational mind in fact sees the world as a pyramid.

Its base is dead matter, in the lower middle part are plants and fungi, in the top middle part are animals, and the pyramid’s shiny summit are we, human beings, endowed with a rational brain to manage it all.

In the mean time, dead objects, plants and animals come to life in our dreams and our fantasies.

They play a role in our spiritual education and development, and in the way we experience the world.

They make us care for the world.

In stories and fairy tales animals even speak to us and have rational minds, and dead matter has power over us.

The whole world seems to become one big split off of our minds, a cosmos full of symbols and fetishes.

In fact the world becomes a sphere again, in which death is alive and in which life is in everything.

One might think our minds have appropriated the world, but one may also turn it around: the world has appropriated our minds.

Anyway, objects, texts, installations and etchings by Jordan Herregraven (1990) are still on show at Hok Gallery today (Friday) and tomorrow.

And here is a strong recommendation to take your last chance to see it all!

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Contents of all photographs courtesy to Jordan Herregraven and to Hok Gallery, Den Haag.

Bertus Pieters


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