Satoru Hoshino & Chung Hsi-Han, Texture; SinArts Gallery, The Hague

Satoru Hoshino

Although SinArts Gallery tries to show art by Chinese artists and artists from the Chinese diaspora, it also puts its art into a broader international context: the Southeast Asian and the West European contexts.

Satoru Hoshino

In the present exhibition it shows works by the Japanese artist Satoru Hoshino (1945) and the Dutch artist with Chinese-Indonesian roots Chung Hsi-Han (1958).

Satoru Hoshino

Satoru Hoshino’s ceramic sculptures show the ultimate use of clay.

Satoru Hoshino

Clay, when used for modelling, gives a certain resistance in that it will always maintain its volume.

Satoru Hoshino

If you push or press it, it will bulge beneath your hands.

Satoru Hoshino

It will always react, it will always have the last word, which creates, especially in Satoru Hoshino’s works, a kind of dialogue between the artist and his material.

Satoru Hoshino

In Hoshino’s ceramic sculptures the volumes of clay almost become a kind of organic creatures.

Chung Hsi-Han

To make the story even more international, Chung Hsi-Han especially found inspiration in Nepal, where he also discovered Nepali paper on which the presented works are made.

Chung Hsi-Han

Also with Nepali paper one could say that it is the paper which has the last word.

Chung Hsi-Han

It both resists and absorbs in such a way that you may wonder what the next stage in Chung Hsi-Han’s work may be.

Chung Hsi-Han

Will he show us both sides of the paper next time?

Chung Hsi-Han

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Contents of all photographs courtesy to Satoru Hoshino, Chung Hsi-Han and to SinArts Gallery, Den Haag

Bertus Pieters



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