Façades of The Hague #156

Pedestrians bridge, Stadhoudersplantsoen.

Even street furniture like this bridge is part of the stage we live in and as such it co-defines what we see as a bridge specially made for a park.

The bridge’s railings with their zigzag patterns are typical for the modernism of the 1950s when the bridge was built.

They rhyme with the waves of the water; as such this bridge elegantly brings you to an area of relaxation and leisure.  

© Villa Next Door 2023

All pictures were taken in March 2020.

Bertus Pieters

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2 thoughts on “Façades of The Hague #156

  1. You suggest that this bridge was made especially for this (small) park. However this type of bridge (and sometimes fence) can be found all over the districts that were build after the second world war (e.g. Bouwlust, Vrederust). In this case the park is part of a small stretch that was rebuild after the second WW, as the original buildings were destroyed for defensive reasons.


  2. Hi Casper! No i’m not suggesting that. It is just an example of this kind of bridge that can be found in more parts of the country (not just The Hague) built in the 1950s and 1960s. The metal zigzag pattern was also used for decorative balustrades of houses, as far afield as southern Limburg (an aunty of mine lived in just such a house in Schaesberg – now Landgraaf) I’m aware that Stadhoudersplantsoen was made over a tank trench dug by the Germans as part of the Atlantic Wall, but there is not much space for explanation about that in this posting, and i also wrote about that particular subject in an earlier posting (Façades of The Hague # 138) about the buildings next to the park.


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