Studio visit #14. Jan Pieters

My brother Jan Pieters (1952) is a painter.

He has a studio in a school building in Spijkenisse, a town in the shadow of Rotterdam.

What do you talk about when visiting your brother in his studio?

Well, obviously we talked about art, but a relationship with your brother is much more personal than with any other artist.

So what we talked about was not really interesting for any reader.

Although my brother has been an artist all his life, it is only in the last couple of decades that he has had a proper studio, which has led to a wonderful revival of his work.

In his studio he can find the peace to concentrate on his colours and compositions.

His subjects are usually women and horses.

However, they are mainly a stimulus for abstraction.

They give him the inspiration to let the colours converse with the lines.

The differences in size are also important.

Some of his paintings are quite monumental.

Though painting is his main activity, he also makes etchings and sculptures.

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Bertus Pieters

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