Shen Wei, I Miss You Already; SinArts Gallery, The Hague

Shen Wei (1977) had his first solo exhibition at SinArts Gallery already five years ago.

In Villa La Repubblica i wrote a review about it and i think the text of it still stands, even for the present show.

It is in another room of the same building on the ground floor with a glorious view on The Hague’s sunlit Hofvijver (Court Pond) lined with lavishly green chestnut trees, that his pictures are shown now.

The photos are examples from a long running series of self portraits of Shen’s, and water, plants and of course light play a main role in them, which easily brings them into dialogue with the wonderful view from the windows of the gallery. As such the gallery almost becomes part of the whole set up.

One may call them self portraits, but they are and they are not. On the one hand the sitter just happens to be the photographer himself, on the other hand it is an image of the photographer in the world as it changes with age.

While in one picture the model is the main subject, in another he becomes a prop in a scene or a landscape, or you may see him as the symbol of something the picture may represent.

As a whole it has the melancholy of the photograph as a medium of remembrance.

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Contents of all photographs courtesy to Shen Wei and SinArts Gallery, Den Haag.

Bertus Pieters