Coby Brinkers & Rik van Hazendonk, Iron & Indigo; Kadmium, Delft

Iron & Indigo, with sculptures by Coby Brinkers and paintings – mainly watercolours – by Rik van Hazendonk, is the last exhibition in a series made during the last six or seven years by the present exhibition committee of Kadmium, Delft.

In the mean time the gallery has moved to the second floor of the building, having lost its unique space at the ground floor.

It remains to be seen if the new committee will make it worth climbing the stairs to the gallery.

As for now it ends with a dialogue between Brinkers’ sculptures – the biggest ones in steel – and Van Hazendonk’s big watercolours.

The watercolour on the floor was made live by Van Hazendonk during the first few days of the show, where visitors could see him work on it.

The central floor piece makes the dialogue between the artists’ works quite real and as such it is a master stroke for the exhibition.

The works by Brinkers stand alongside as if to reflect in the water of the floor piece, but instead their vertical shapes mirror in the shiny floor.

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Contents of all photographs courtesy to Coby Brinkers, Rik van Hazendonk and to Kadmium, Delft.

Bertus Pieters


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